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Cold Rooms

An effective temperature-controlled cold room solution is integral to the day-to-day running of many different businesses. Whether you work in food retail and manufacture, hospitality, the pharmaceutical industry or any other sector where goods need to be kept at a specific temperature, finding the right cold storage room is of paramount importance. Effective cold rooms are a crucial aspect of the services you provide, preserving your products at a safe and optimal temperature and ensuring that – when they are sold to customers – they are received in the best possible condition.

All of our coldrooms are made to measure providing infinite flexibility in creating cold storage solutions for all environments. Using our own dedicated manufacturing facility, we can tailor designs suitable to site premises to create maximum storage capacity not only within the coldroom but also surrounding it.

Door locations and types, shelving arrangements, room dimensions, refrigeration selections, flooring options are all fully customisable and discussed with the customer from the point of enquiry to ensure each general purpose coldroom is suitable for each site’s dedicated need.

Meat Cold Rooms

For the frozen food industry we supply blast cold room / freezers. These specialist rooms are intended to rapidly bring the temperature of foods down within certain time frames, freezing them extremely quickly to reduce the temperature of food products or fresh produce in order to reduce the metabolic processes significantly.

We understand that certain applications require specialist equipment so our team of specialists will help in ensuring that designing a solution will meet all of your requirements – our heavy duty units are built to last for many years to come.

Customers have the option to choose a multi-temperature or constant temperature room, which are customised to meet your testing and storage needs.


General Purpose Cold Rooms

We are one of the trusted manufacturers of cold rooms, walk- in coolers & Freezers that are specially designed for chilling or freezing applications. The CFC-free refrigeration systems facilitate efficient cooling, freezing of the chamber integrated with user-friendly structure and design.

Available in various capacities, these freezers are provided with pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, cam lock in tongue and groove assembly. These freezers find wide application in food processing, fisheries, hotels, research & development and pharmaceutical.

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