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Industrial Chillers

With 25 years of collective industry experience, our team has the know-how and resources to meet all types of challenges for all sizes of businesses. We always strive to recommend the most practical and cost effective solution for each application, whether on a planned or emergency basis. Each project is managed by us – from product selection to installation and commissioning. We keep going until the system is performing at its best – 24/7.

The Thermal Exchange range of industrial process chillers provide coolant at constant pressure and temperature, ensuring consistent product quality and helping to reduce manufacturing time. Ranging from 1 to 400 kW, all systems include totally non- ferrous water circuits, high efficiency heat exchangers and robust, corrosion resistant housings. Applications are many and varied, including industrial process cooling, cooling for digital print presses, medical, breweries, food production plant, laser equipment and dairy.

Our chillers are engineered with leading technologies to provide energy efficient process and comfort cooling and heating that you can rely on.

Air-cooled chillers

We supply reliable high-quality, high-performance, energy-efficient chillers and cooling solutions to most sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Packaging and Plastics, Data Centres and many more.

Water-cooled chillers

The water-cooled chillers (scroll, screw and centrifugal) feature a variety of models and options to provide the right solutions to our customer specific requirements. We offer a flexible range, matching all every conceivable requirements within the HVAC industry.

From reducing your facility’s carbon footprint, to delivering a healthier indoor environment and cutting energy costs, we create smaller, more energy efficient chillers tailored to fit almost any comfort or process cooling application – even heating.

Our knowledgeable team of engineers will be able to access your exact requirements and design a special customised chiller installation to best meet site requirements and ensure that the most cost effective and efficient solution is recommended and supplied. We have worked with all scales from small units to multi-megawatt packages in both industrial manufacturing and HVAC building services, we are flexible in our approach to ensure each client requirement is met, whether on a planned or emergency basis.

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